COVID-19 Prevention and Precautions

The safety of our staff and customers is our highest priority and so with the new reality we seem to be living with for the foreseeable future, we've introduced some changes to protect both ourselves and you.

Shipping Items to You

All items leaving our warehouse have been in quarantine for a minimum of five days before being posted on our website for sale. This ensures that the virus is dead on all surfaces from plastic to paper from any outside sources before we ever handle them.

All staff wear gloves that have been certified to prevent the transfer of the virus from their hands to the items while packing. Masks are used where appropriate and staff's temperature is checked daily. If anyone displays symptoms at the beginning or throughout the day, they will be sent home; though happily we can report that currently we have yet to see any symptoms.

Our warehouse has all touch surfaces decontaminated daily as well as whenever there is a chance more than one person touched a work surface. Our work environment is such that safe physical distance is easily maintained and all staff are following these guidelines at all times. Any visitors are met and kept in an area away from both our products, work stations and shipping employees.

Receiving Returns

As we previously mentioned, all incoming items are quarantined for five days. This also includes any mail or packages sent to us via mail. As such, there is a slight delay between when you are notified we have received a return and when we are able to process it. We appreciate your understanding in this as we work to keep everyone healthy.