Remington New Unprimed Brass

Brass can not be exported to customers in the US

Remington cartridge brass are widely hailed as the longest-lasting, most easily formed available. 

Remington cartridge cases are carefully drawn from specially-alloyed brass to provide consistently exact internal volume and resistance to case stretching and brittleness. Primer pocket tolerances are held to .001", and closely monitored case neck annealing ensures easier re-sizing and longer reloading life. New, unprimed brass. This is not loaded ammunition. Brass should be full-length sized, trimmed and chamfered before loading.

If a caliber is also labelled "Bulk Brass", it indicates brass without packaging.  This brass is new, unfired and unprimed.  It is packaged in ziploc style bags for delivery.  The price for this brass has been reduced slightly.

*Please note that Remington has indicated that they will no longer sell brass by itself, focussing their supply instead towards ammunition. Greyed out selections are calibers we no longer have in stock. At this time, we do not expect to be able to replenish our stock.