World War II Library Bundle

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Start your historical library or augment it with this collection of books that span the spectrum of WWII combat.  From personal accounts and biographies to sweeping accounts of actual missions and acts of courage, this collection of books provides a strong account of many of the pivotal actions during the war.  So pull up a wingback, stoke the fire and settle in to experience the greatest theatre of warfare man has ever endured.

Complete list of books:

Mustang: A Combat Marine 1st ed 
by Gerald P. Averill 
Hardcover; 299 pgs
Condition: VG+

Tank Sergeant 1st Ed 
by Ralph Zumbro 
Hardcover; 175 pgs
Condition: VG+

Death of a Division 1st Ed.
by Charles Whiting
Hardcover; 124 pgs
Condition: V.G.

Green Beach
by James Leasor 
Hardcover; 240 pgs
Condition: VG

We Led the Way (Darby's Rangers )
by William O. Darby & William H. Baumer
Hardcover; 199 pgs
Condition: VG

The Blitzkrieg Story 1st ed 
by Charles Messenger 
Hardcover; 277 pg 
Condition: VG

A Bridge Too Far
by Cornelius Ryan
Hardcover; 670 pgs
Condition: VG+

Okinawa 1945: Gateway to Japan
by Ian Gow
Hardcover; 224 pgs
Condition: VG+

The Jungle is Neutral
by F. Spencer Chapman
Hardcover; 378 pgs
Condition: VG

by Gerard M Devlin 
Hardcover 695 pg 
Condition: VG+