I live in <country>.  Can you ship to me?

Absolutely. Please note that there are many import and export restrictions on some of our goods. Where possible (and when we remember), we have indicated in the description if an item is not available for export. But you must know your own country's import laws.

 Do you still have <item> in stock?

We know. There are a lot of sites in our business out there that have massive catalogues of stuff that are listed but when you go to purchase they're either marked "Contact Us" or "Stock availability unknown". We are not that. Canada Brass maintains its own warehouse outside of Goble's and keeps a live inventory online of everything in the warehouse. Our online store will indicate if an item is sold out or how many are left and we do our best on items that we do not expect to get more of to remove that item so that when you are browsing you don't meet with continual disappointment.

Do you have <obscure item I've given up hope of finding>?

Maybe! While we are constantly working to get our entire catalogue online, we're still a ways away and we have some pretty rare stuff. So ask the question and we'll see what we can do.