I live in <country>.  Can you ship to me?

Absolutely. Please note that there are many import and export restrictions on some of our goods. Where possible (and when we remember), we have indicated in the description if an item is not available for export. But you must know your own country's import laws.

Do you still have <item> in stock?

We know. There are a lot of sites in our business out there that have massive catalogues of stuff that are listed but when you go to purchase they're either marked "Contact Us" or "Stock availability unknown". We are not that. Canada Brass maintains its own warehouse and keeps a live inventory online of everything in the warehouse. Our online store will indicate if an item is sold out or how many are left and we do our best on items that we do not expect to get more of to remove that item so that when you are browsing you don't meet with continual disappointment.

Do you have <obscure item I've given up hope of finding>?

Maybe! While we are constantly working to get our entire catalogue online, we're constantly adding and processing new items. So ask the question and we'll see what we can do. But usually these types of questions require some consultation so our response time drops a bit but we will get back to you eventually!

Do you have a phone number I can call you?

We're a small operation and each of us has many jobs. As such, while we work to respond to every email and message, we need to be able to control when we do it. Our past experience with phones are the things keep ringing and usually at bad times. So we don't maintain a phone number but will respond on either email or message.

Where are you located? Can we come visit?

While we enjoy meeting and interacting with all our customers and website visitors, we don't maintain a storefront. This keeps overhead down and prices low. For shipping purposes, our warehouse is located in Tillsonburg, Ontario Canada but we ship internationally.

What types of payments do you take?

We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and money orders. In special cases we will also accept e-transfers, just contact us at support@canadabrass.com

Will you take <dollar amount> for this?

Having 40 years experience in the gun business, we understand the wheel and deal culture. We also understand the rush of getting a deal. The good news is you've found the deal without the dickering as we attempt to beat almost any other Canadian website on pricing and carry a lot of stuff that no one else has. But because our margins are already low, we don't have any wiggle room. You've earned the best price just by finding us!

I just selected one day shipping. Can I expect it tomorrow or the next day at the latest?

Unfortunately not necessarily. We generally ship three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and while we prioritize Priority and Next Day shipping orders to get them out as quickly as possible, the times indicated by the shipping method are for the actual shipping. Tack on a day or two to that for us to process your order, pick it from our warehouse, pack it and deliver it to the courier or mail depot. If we expect longer than normal delays, (sickness, bad weather, holidays etc) we will post it on our site.

Do you price match?

No. Most of our pricing is already below industry norms and MSRP. The Canadian outdoors industry has recently seen a couple new elements pop up that while mostly selling 3rd party gear and knock-offs, also occasionally sells items at below their (and our) cost. This model we believe is unsustainable, even as a lost leader in the smaller Canadian market. Not wanting to participate in a race to the bottom, we carefully choose our pricing to be fair, low and sustainable. We want to be your go-to source for years to come, not some pop-up store that disappears overnight never to be heard from again. 

Can you explain your grading system?

We use the same grading system for our parts as is used in firearm appraisal. Conditions are based on the condition expectation given the item's age and rarity. A general guide for modern parts is below but again, be sure to adjust for age and rarity should you be looking at older parts.

NEW: Part is generally in package or we are able to source the history of the item back to the manufacturer and are sure it has not been used. No marks or signs of wear that would not be on a new part taken or tested on the factory floor.

AS NEW: Item appears to be in "New" condition (see above) but it is likely out of the package and we do not know the history of the item and can not guarantee it is completely unused.

EXC (Excellent): Item is almost flawless but may have small indications of use, is known to have been used, or has other indicators that disqualify it from "As New". Item has complete functionality and would be mistaken for new by the untrained or casual eye.

VG+ (Very Good Plus): Item exhibits minimal signs of gentle occasional use (such as slide wear on a magazine from entering and exiting a firearm) but exhibits no signs of damage or wear that would indicate potential for function failure or appear anything less than an excellent part to the casual observer.

VG (Very Good): Item exhibits signs of gentle moderate use (such as worn edges on the feeder of a magazine or scratches on the body) and may exhibit mild signs of corrosion that has been cleaned and rejuvenated. It exhibits no signs of damage or wear that would indicate potential for function failure or appear anything less than a regular used part to the casual observer.

G+ (Good Plus): Item exhibits signs of moderate to heavy use and possibly obvious aesthetic damage (large chip or crack in a stock). Item may exhibit moderate corrosion but nothing that may hinder use. Functionality appears unhindered at the moment but could potentially deteriorate over time if not repaired or maintained correctly.  Notes are provided indicating major cause of this grading but other damage may also exist.

G (Good): Item exhibits heavy use and obvious aesthetic flaws, missing parts or damage (large chips, deep scratches, tired springs etc). While still functional unless otherwise noted, item may display potential for failure or less than optimal results if not maintained or repaired over time. Notes are provided indicating major causes of this grading but other damage may also exist.

F (Fair): Item exhibits heavy use and damage or missing parts. Major aesthetic and minor functional flaws are standard. Major corrosion damage is possible, affecting both aesthetic and functionality if not removed and reconditioned. Item appears to be functional though possibly hindered unless otherwise noted. Generally these items require repair before or shortly after use and should be largely used for collections or other non-functional roles and should in their current state be treated as unusable. Notes are provided indicating major causes of this grading but other damage may also exist.

P (Poor): Item is damaged or otherwise hindered to a point that it is no longer usable and has been appraised to be beyond a point that it might be repaired for even nominal use. Aesthetics may be completely destroyed or a major fault may be present that prevents the item from performing its function. While possibly recoverable in the right hands, we have deemed these parts and items be used strictly for display or non-functioning use and are no longer safe. Notes may be provided should the major flaw not be apparent but damage and condition is generally obvious in pictures.