Collins Machetes and Bowies 1845-1965 by Daniel Edward Henry

226 pgs


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About the Author:

Daniel Edward (D.E.) Henry

Ed 'D.E." Henry is best known for his classic Bowes and outspoken opinion on all
subjects, especially knives. Pieces made by Collins & Co. held a particular
fascination for him. As early as Ken Warner's Knives 85 annual, Henry penned
the story, "Will the Real V-44 Please Stand Up?" The gist of Henry's story was to
correct a common misconception that the knife known as the V-44- which is still called V-44 by many--is really the Collins No. 18 survival knife. The V-44, as Henry's research revealed was actually a fixed-blade machete with a wood handle and a blade rounded to prevent the puncture of life rafts. In 1991, a story on Collins appeared in the spring issue of "Edges. Henry was asked to proofread the story. He faxed his proof to Blade Publications with the following note: All in all, not a bad article. The comments I have made are in the interests of accuracy, not nitpicking. You owe me eight bucks for faxes but I will cancel the debt if you will stop using the term 'V-44 when referring to World War Il Air Corps and Air Forces Survival Knives." Apparently, Henry maintained his V-44 crusade right up to his death in 1993. Meanwhile, we're doing our part to ensure that our 58 debt to him stays cancelled.

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