Outdoor Edge Orange Swingblade

Discover the innovative SwingBlade knife, the versatile hunting companion that transforms with a simple push of a button. Engage the lock mechanism and the SwingBlade transitions seamlessly from a proficient drop-point skinner to a superior gutting tool, capable of gliding through game like a zipper. This dual-functionality makes it a top choice for guides and professional hunters globally.

Outdoor Edge's signature gutting blade is specially designed to cut beneath the skin without slicing through hair, and its blunt tip is intentional, avoiding any damage to internal organs that could compromise the quality of your game meat.

Crafted from Japanese AUS-8 steel, the 3.6" blade undergoes a meticulous heat-treatment process and is finished by hand to a shaving-sharp edge, ensuring enduring sharpness and exemplary performance. The handle is made from a rubberized TPR material, offering a steadfast, non-slip grip in any conditions and is designed to prevent fatigue during extended use.

The blaze-orange handle stands out against the earthy tones of the wild, making it easy to locate and preventing loss. Each SwingBlade is accompanied by a durable nylon belt sheath, completing the package for the prepared outdoorsman.
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